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Welcome to the Terriapedia - the online wiki for Terria

This is the information site for the whole of the Terria project[1], and the basic idea is to add all the current content that has so far been developed by March 2007 for the online community to share and be part of. As more pages are added the project as a whole will grow, and hopeful become something to enjoy and treasure.

List of contents:

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A list of all the known races, species and ethnic groups on Terria.
A list of all the faiths, religions, pathways, and other spiritual matters on Terria
A look at the fundamental concepts behind the project, and the ethos of the various factions
The history of the Terrian Realm, and a guide to the prophecies that hold its destiny.
People who have had an impact on Terrian history.
A guide to the lands of Terria
The key ideas behind Mortia and his followers

Definitions of the word Terria

  • Planet within a distant star system, and the fabled eden of the metaverse.
  • Goddess who protects the planet and the Terria realm, and one of the 4 children of the Omega. She is the mother of the physical world, and the sister of Celeria, Fundama, and Cronos.
  • Term applied by Khutanese mystics to the physical realm.

Terria is a realm within a vast metasphere of realms. The lady Terria made this her direct demance and with the help of her siblings made this a realm of significance. All created within the realm stem from the siblings desire for harmony.

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